Decoding working memory and replay from MEG signal

The spatiotemporal dynamic of information processing is visible using machine-learning decoding of high-temporal resolution neural signal from M/EEG. Using this approach, we identified a neural signature of content selection and characterize differentiated spatiotemporal constraints for subprocesses of working memory. In a context of learning, this approach allows us to test whether the brain is replaying silently what it just learned, as a replay mechanism to consolidate the new skill.

Associated publications

Consolidation of human skill linked to waking hippocampo-neocortical replay
Buch Ethan R., Claudino Leonardo, Quentin Romain, Bönstrup Marlene, Cohen Leonardo G.
Cell Reports (2021)
Differential brain mechanisms of selection and maintenance of information during working memory
Quentin Romain, King Jean-rémi, Sallard Etienne, Fishman Nathan, Thompson Ryan, Buch Ethan, Cohen Leonardo G.